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Welcome to AL AMANAH Group, an Established, Trusted and Reliable Business Partner. Founded in 1991 by Mr. Ismail Alokozai & Mr. Ali Ahmed Alokozai

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Al Amanah Al Khalijia Co. has a 25 years experience in Kuwait market and the management has a strong connection and presence with the Kuwaiti customers. Partnering With Al Amanah Al Khalijia will give you a reliable partner in Kuwait and your product/service a good distributor
We import and distribute large quantity of products to all over Kuwait. Al AMANAH is among the top 5 foodstuff wholesalers in Kuwait. with our infrastructure and resources Al AMANAH can be your reliable Wholesaler in Kuwait
We can help you establish a Restaurant or a Catering business and supply you constant from A to Z all your Restaurants/Catering material needs