Bee Productive, Start Beekeeping

Starting with beekeeping is not only a science, but it is no less than art at the same time. One who wants to step into beekeeping must have sound knowledge of dealing with bees and apiaries. You can either adopt it as an amateur hobby or a business. Without experience, you can never make the operation of beekeeping successful. 

Guide for beginners

Before you start beekeeping you need to study some factors that affect the beekeeping operation.

Reading books and literature on beekeeping:

If you want to make an entry into the field of beekeeping you must have developed a great interest in reading books and literature regarding beekeepingIt will help you a lot in understanding the nature of bees and the operation of beehives. 

Find a suitable location for beekeeping  

  • You must find the location for beekeeping which is near to any garden, it will help bees to get the nearest source of nectar for making honey.  
  • An apiary  
  • Should be constructed near the permanent source of water to make beehive operation easy  
  • Should be made on the little sloppy area 
  • Beehive should be placed in a shady area to maintain the temperature of the hive  
  • Should be away from public places to avoid disturbance by human activities. 

Get your location approved for beekeeping 

The location that is selected for beekeeping must be approved by the Municipal authority of your area. Get the approval documents from the authority that permits you to start a beekeeping operation in that area. 

Get linked with your local beekeeper’s association

If you are starting a beekeeping business, you must contact the beekeeping association of your area. You will get expert advisors from the association; helps you to become a successful beekeeper. The beekeepers association in Kuwait: Instagram page

If you live in the USA, visit American Beekeeping Federation. If you live in the UK; visit the British Beekeepers Association website.

Purchase of beekeeping equipment: 

Equipment that beekeepers required to start the business are of two types; you can purchase these from an online store or any renowned credible store in your area.  

Beekeeping tools 

  • Smoker  
  • Veil  
  • Gloves  
  • Glasses  
  • Boots 

Hive tools  

  • Hive feeders 
  • Frames 
  • Foundations 
  • Excluder 
  • Hive tool 

Purchase of first bee colony 

You can get the first strain of bees from an online store or from an expert beekeeper. Some species of bees that are considered best for beginners: 

  1. Cordovan bees 
  2. Russian bees 
  3. Starlin bees
  4. Italian bees 

Analyzing the beekeeping operation 

After harvesting honey for the first time, the beekeeper should determine; how much supply of honey he has got and how much profitable this operation has gone. 

Best time to harvest honey 

The beginning of summer and the start of fall are the best time to harvest honey when frames of a beehive are 80% capped with honey. 

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