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Brought to you from the
mountains & forests of Kyrgyzstan



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Pure Basmati

Relish the authentic taste and aroma of 1121 basmati rice straight from the heart of Punjab, Amritsar.

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Fresh Grounded


Make your home cook more tastier !
Our freshly grounded spices will give
your food superior taste & aroma.

Welcome to

Al-Amanah Foodstuffs

We trade in all kinds of Foodstuff and specialize in different types of Rice, Spices, Cooking Oil, Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Tomato Pastes and Olive Oil.

About Our History

Al Amanah Al Khalijia was founded in 1991 by Ismail Alokozai & Ali Ahmed Alokozai

Globally Certified



Al Amanah supermarket is where you can shop various kind Beverages, Rice, Pulses, Spices, Tea, Coffee, Honey, Sugar, Oils, Meats, Pickles Frozen Canned food and hygiene products


Al Amanah is a top 10 Wholesaler in Kuwait, distributing more than 500 items to all over Kuwait, like Restaurants, Catering companies, five star hotels, super stores


Al Amanah Ecommerce is an online Shop where you can shop all our products with free home deliver to all over Kuwait

Al Amanah Al Khalijia Co. has a 25 years experience in Kuwait market and the management has a strong connection and presence with the Kuwaiti customers. Partnering With Al Amanah Al Khalijia will give you a reliable partner in Kuwait and your product/service a good distributor

We import and distribute large quantity of products to all over Kuwait. Al AMANAH is among the top 5 foodstuff wholesalers in Kuwait. with our infrastructure and resources Al AMANAH can be your reliable Wholesaler in Kuwait

We can help you establish a Restaurant or a Catering business and supply you constant from A to Z all your Restaurants/Catering material needs